Use the menu to find the various features available in London Commuter.



The home screen of the app. is where you can create your scheduled travel alerts.

Add alert

When creating an alert you can specify which time of the day to trigger the alert, give the alert a name e.g. morning commute, your actual commute time, where you would be departing from and where you would be arriving to. Set one up for the morning, evening or any time in between. We use TFL to source the departure and arrival stations or stops. All forms of transport on TFL are supported.

Alert expanded

Once you expand an alert you have a few more options available to you namely changing the days on which the alert will run as well as deleting an alert.



The alerts result in notifications which can tell you whether there is a disruption to your journey. A notification contains details such as whether your journey may be disrupted (by changing the notification icon as well as colour of the notification), the next few departure times as well as how long the journey is expected to take.

Notification more information

By clicking on either the notification or more information button you will be given further information relating to your journey. This example shows how information from National Rail is added to the information from TFL to give you a more complete picture.

Bus Checker

Bus checker

Use Bus Checker to find stops close to you on a handy map. By clicking on the pins you can see which buses are due to arrive shortly.

Journey Planner

TFL Journey planner

Use the journey planner to check any journey before you travel. Journey planner combines the results from both TFL and National Rail to give you a more complete picture of whether your journey is affected by any disruptions.

TFL Journey planner more information

Your journey will then be displayed. If any part of your journey uses National Rail then journey planner will check for disruptions with National Rail. Part of this journey uses National Rail and so we can see the estimated arrival time for the train.

Live Departures

National Rail Live departures

Wanting to know what trains are leaving a particular train station at any time? Live Departures can tell you that. Live Departures uses information from National Rail only.



You can find the version of the application as well as a link back to this site from the About screen.


London Commuter is currently available on the Google Play store. Download it.